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Our Story

The Arrowhead Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (Arrowhead RTCC) was created in 2017 with a mission to improve access, availability, and options for transportation services in northeastern Minnesota through improved communication, coordination, and collaboration.

Arrowhead RTCC is one of several RTCCs across Minnesota. To learn more, visit the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access (MCOTA).

Empty Bus


​As a coalition of transit stakeholders, we work to:

  1. Identify unmet personal mobility needs and facilitate the development of services responsive to those needs;

  2. Identify and understand all available transportation options in the region;

  3. Increase access to services, education and centers of commerce;

  4. Increase coordination between transportation service providers;

  5. Advocate for high quality transportation services which are safe, efficient, effective, reliable and responsive to consumer needs;

  6. Increase available transportation services within the region; and

  7. Identify, support and expand best practices.


By working together, we hope to:

  • Increase efficiencies that may be achieved through more grouping of individuals traveling to the same destination or reduced duplication of services and/or vehicles.

  • Enhanced access to social and health services, education and employment.

  • Improved use of resources: For example, if the same services can be provided with fewer vehicles, then funds spent on insurance and capital is reduced. Other resources that could be shared include staff training, computer software, or call center staff.

  • Coordination and collaboration can result in providing transportation in ways that contribute to livable communities and a vital economy.

Old and Young

Current Membership (2022-23)

  • Chris Belden (CHAIR), Duluth Transit Authority

  • Marianne Bovee, Age Well Arrowhead

  • Renee Bymark, ElderCircle

  • Gavin Bukovich, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging

  • Amanda Crosby, Arc Northland

  • Marie Domiano, Office of Job Training

  • Jessica Globe, Aitkin County Human Services

  • Russel Habermann, Essentia Health

  • Lisa Hanson, Lake County Human Services

  • Colette Hanson, Arrowhead Transit

  • Jill Hatfield, Volunteer Services of Carlton County

  • Karen Herman, Udac

  • Martina Johnson, Cook County Human Services

  • Mark Lessard, Koochiching County Veterans Services

  • Janet Nilsen, St. Louis County Human Services

  • Brandon Nurmi (VICE-CHAIR), Arrowhead Transit

  • Toni Rothmeier, Pinewood

  • Jennie Rowland, Big Woods Transit-Bois Forte Band of Chippewa

  • Tim Schmutzer, PHASE

  • Douglas Skrief, Koochiching Aging Options

  • Scott Zahorik, Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency

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