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2022 Local Human Services Transit Coordination Plan

The 2022 Local Human Service Transit Coordination Plan was developed through a process that includes representatives of public, private, and non-profit transportation services, human services providers and the public. The 2022 Local Human Services Transit Coordination Plan will assist stakeholders, such as Regional Transportation Coordinating Councils, as they find ways to coordinate human service transportation and transit services in the Arrowhead Region. 

5 year Goals of the 2022 Local Human Services Transit Coordination Plan

Intersection of Transportation and Health Care:

Increase communication and collaboration between health care facilities and hospitals with private transportation providers.

Regional Transit Planning:

Engage communities and the public to further identify gaps in service, accessibility needs in the existing transit system, and strategies to improve transit in Northeast Minnesota.

Transit Infrastructure Improvements:

Improve safety, accessibility, and weather mitigation at transit stop locations.

Volunteer Driver Coordination and Recruitment:

To have supportive resources to develop and sustain volunteer driver programs.

Sharing of Vehicles:

Continue to seek funding and collaboration for opportunities to purchase and share vehicles for regional providers through the Section 5310 program and other sources

Regional Transportation Coordination Council:

Continue to convene Regional Transportation Coordination Council and support coordination of transit projects across the Arrowhead Region.

Improve Transportation Access for Workforce:

Engage with employers and workforce support agencies to identify needs and opportunities for transportation access and improvements.

Emergency Preparedness Facilitation:

To facilitate networking with all emergency response units and all transportation providers within the region.

Transit Rider Training:

Increase confidence and knowledge of potential riders of transit and regional transportation options.

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